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Compared with other technical innovations, the robot is still relatively young. The world’s first industrial robot was not installed until the middle of the 20th century. In 1973, KUKA developed the first industrial robot with six electric motor-driven axes, called FAMULUS. In 1996, KUKA Robotics achieved a quantum leap in industrial robot development. That year saw the launch of the first PC-based controller, developed by KUKA. This marked the dawn of a new era of “real” mechatronics, characterized by the precise interaction of software, controller and mechanical systems.

The use of industrial robots has increased steadily in recent years. For KUKA’s customers, automation “made by KUKA Robotics” is the decisive key to higher productivity and greater cost-effectiveness. It improves product quality, reduces cost-intensive use of materials and minimizes the consumption of dwindling energy resources. Robots replace the rigid and expensive special machines that were still customary fifteen years ago with highly flexible automation solutions.

In the past, industrial robots were used almost exclusively in the automotive sector and in series production. Thanks to the systematic ongoing development of KUKA robot and control technology, KUKA robots have now become established in many other sectors besides the automotive industry. The primary objective here is the development of applications in new markets – particularly in the fields of foodstuffs, plastics, metalworking, foundry, electronics, medical technology and the entertainment industry.

KUKA Robotics makes automation easy: easy to plan, easy to integrate, easy to operate, easy to maintain and easy to adapt to specific customer requirements. With the KR C4 controller, the KR QUANTEC robot family, the KR AGILUS line of small robots and last but not least the lightweight robot LBR iiwa introduced in 2013, KUKA is demonstrating how robotics can be made safer and more energy-efficient.

The vision of KUKA Roboter GmbH is to establish the robot as an intelligent helper. It will be able to support humans in production by virtue of its high-quality work and will enable the cost-effective use of robots even in small and medium-sized production facilities. Robots and humans work hand in hand, complementing each other with their respective skills.

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