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Risong Technology Successfully Is Listed on the Sci-Tech Innovation Board, and Demonstrates a Model of Forging Ahead in the "Epidemic" Environment

2020.02.17    2238 People
Review:stock abbreviation: Risong Technology; stock code: 688090

On the morning of February 17, 2020, Guangzhou Risong Intelligent Technology Holding Co., Ltd. went public and was officially listed on the Sci-Tech Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock abbreviation: Risong Technology; stock code: 688090).


Photo: Congratulations from Shanghai Stock Exchange



In order to commemorate this historic moment, Risong Technology held a simple and grand ceremony to celebrate its listing in Guangzhou Risong Technology Park, marking that Risong Technology has successfully made strides in connecting with the capital market and taken a new journey of development.



Qiu Yitong, Director of Financial Affairs Bureau of Guangzhou Municipality (the 4th from left), Sun Xuewei, Inspector of the Administrative Committee of Guangzhou Economic & Technological Development District (the 3rd from left), Gao Shudong, Director of Financial Affairs Bureau of Guangzhou Economic & Technological Development District (the 2nd from right), Xia Xiaohui, Executive Director and Sponsor Representative of Investment Banking Division of GF Securities (the 2nd from left), Wu Yuchen, Representative of Southern Center of Shanghai Stock Exchange (the 1st from right), Jin Lin, President of Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou Branch) (the 1st from left), and Sun Zhiqiang, Chairman and President of Risong Technology (the 3rd from right), attended the ceremony to jointly witness the milestone of Risong Technology!


Grasping the Advantage of Capital Market and Seizing New Market Opportunities


At the ceremony, Qiu Yitong, Sun Xuewei, Xia Xiaohui and Sun Zhiqiang delivered speeches respectively.



Photo: Sun Zhiqiang, Chairman and President of Risong Technology, delivers a speech


Sun Zhiqiang said in his speech that: "We will firmly grasp this precious opportunity, make full use of the advantages of the capital market, continuously enhance our core competitiveness, take technological innovation as the source power, empower the transformation, upgrading and optimization of traditional manufacturing industry, empower the competitive advantages of the entire industry chain of industrial robots in China, empower China's industrial economy towards high-quality development, and repay the shareholders and society with outstanding achievements."


He stressed that Risong Technology will be turned into a high-quality listed company that is trusted by society and satisfactory to customers, and makes shareholders and employees happy.




Photo: Xia Xiaohui, Executive Director and Sponsor Representative of Investment Banking Division of GF Securities, delivers a speech

Xia Xiaohui also affirmed the future development of Risong Technology in his speech. He said, "As the diversification of industrial robots and intelligent manufacturing industry accelerates, Risong Technology will seize new market opportunities with strong technical strength."



Photo: Sun Xuewei, Inspector of the Administrative Committee of Guangzhou Economic & Technological Development District, delivers a speech


The successful listing of Risong Technology marks another outstanding enterprise in Guangzhou entering the capital market. Sun Xuewei said, "Our district will improve the enterprise listing service system by closely centering on the general requirement for enhancing the capability of finance in serving real economy, provide efficient and convenient channels for enterprises to connect with the capital market, and provide the most powerful policy support and the most suitable business environment for various enterprises including Risong Technology."


Photo: Qiu Yitong, Director of Financial Affairs Bureau of Guangzhou Municipality, delivers a speech


Qiu Yitong also gave high expectations to the future of Risong Technology in his speech. He said, "Risong Technology is expected to take its listing as an opportunity and give full play to the role of capital market in raising funds. Risong Technology should play a radiating and driving role in the transformation, upgrading and optimization of traditional manufacturing industry, contribute to the development of Guangzhou's private technology enterprises, and repay the vast number of investors and society with excellent performance."


Photo: Risong Technology (Stock Code: 688090) Opening Price: RMB 91.00



The stock price of Risong Technology was RMB 27.55, while the opening price was RMB 91.00, with the opening gains of 230.31%, and the total market value up to RMB 6 billion. This also confirms that the market is optimistic about the prospect of Risong Technology and the development of China's industrial robot and intelligent manufacturing industry. It is imperative for China's manufacturing industry to transform and upgrade to automation and intelligentization.


Demonstrating a Model of Forging Ahead in the "Epidemic" Environment


Facing the current "epidemic" situation, Risong Technology chose a "special" way to celebrate the listing: The participants were limited in a small range and the whole process was closely arranged. Everyone was requested to wear masks and keep a distance from each other. Disinfection was conducted in time for constant prevention and control. None of the steps could be less. Although celebrating the moment of listing, Risong Technology always remembered to fight to the "epidemic" to the end.



Qiu Yitong affirmed this action. He said, "This not only responds to the social management requirements during the special period of fighting against COVID-19, but also ensures that the companies in Guangzhou will carry out their listed transactions as scheduled." "By actively resuming production and work to fight against the epidemic, Risong Technology has demonstrated the high social responsibility and initiative of a listed company."



Admittedly, China is the world's second largest economy entity and an indispensable link in the global industry chain. Compared with the front-line health care workers fighting against the epidemic and the prevention and control industry providing support for the front-line personnel, all enterprises should do their best to organize the resumption of work in an orderly way, which undoubtedly plays a significant role in "stabilizing the industry and reassuring the people" at the critical moment.


Risong Technology actively responded to the epidemic and took a tense situation calmly. By keeping normal operation while preventing the epidemic, Risong Technology made contributions to stabilizing the economy and actively reducing pressure on social production, which demonstrated the model of an excellent enterprise.


Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures of Risong Technology


Since Guangdong Province launched the first-level response to major public health emergencies, Risong Technology gave quick response and strictly followed the government's call. During the Spring Festival, Risong Technology quickly set up a special working group on epidemic prevention and control led by the senior management. Cadres and specialists at all levels of the company were called online to develop relevant work on epidemic prevention and control.



According to the requirements of the competent authority, Risong Technology requested employees to report their physical condition, location and schedule online every day. A comprehensive investigation was conducted on whether they have been to or passed by Hubei, whether they have been exposed to Hubei people, whether they travelled, and how did they travel, and so on. Reporting and feedback were made in a timely manner. In addition, relevant announcements were issued on the official WeChat of Risong Technology to advocate and call on employees and customers to work together to fight against the "epidemic". During the vacation, there was no abnormal conditions in Risong Technology and all the employees were in normal health condition.



Photo: Founding Shareholders and Senior Management Team of Risong Technology


According to Guangdong Provincial Government's requirements and arrangements for resumption of work, Risong Technology officially resumed work on February 10, 2020. Before resumption of work, Risong Technology issued the Guidelines for Prevention and Control of COVID-19 and required all employees to strictly follow the Guidelines. The Guidelines complies with the guidance of Guangdong Provincial Government for supporting resumption of work and production: The employees returning to Guangzhou from other cities of Guangdong were requested to return to work on time; the employees returning to Guangzhou from other provinces were requested to work at home and be kept in quarantine for 7-14 days according to the mode of transportation back to Guangzhou. The employees from Hubei need not return to their posts for the time being. The company has set up the "leave for Hubei personnel temporarily not returning to Guangzhou", the "quarantine leave" and the "leave for isolation precautions" to show compassionate care for employees who cannot return to work for the time being and united employees to overcome the present difficulties. At the same time, a Sheet for Personnel Tracking after Resumption of Work was made to track and report the daily physical condition, commuting mode, travel arrangement, etc. of all employees including those from Hubei and those kept in quarantine, for the purpose of strict control.


In view of the purchase of prevention and control supplies such as masks, disinfectants and thermometers needed after resumption of work, Risong Technology tried its best to contact relevant units and purchased all of these supplies during the vacation. Risong Technology will continue to supplement these supplies subsequently. The leaders of Risong Technology attached great importance to ensuring the safety of employees during the epidemic period, especially raising very strict quality requirements for epidemic prevention and control supplies. In order to strengthen the employees' awareness of epidemic prevention, banners, posters, publicity signs and other relevant contents of epidemic prevention and control were hung and posted on the gate, beside the road and in the dining hall of Risong Technology Park. The employees were requested to take their body temperature before entering the park every day and wear masks all the way. Cleaners can be seen everywhere in Risong Technology Park for disinfection. Although the air was full of the smell of disinfectant, it was reassuring.

Let's unite as one to overcome the present difficulties. Risong Technology is confident to walk beside you, be a brave man in the "epidemic" situation, and be a dream-seeker in the new era! Let's work hard together!


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