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Introduction on Guangzhou Risong Weldstone Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.


Guangzhou Risong Weldstone Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Risong Weldstone) which is specialized in robotic intelligent equipment, is a Sino-German joint venture invested and set up by Guangzhou Risong Intelligent Technology Holding Co., Ltd. and Weldstone GmbH-Advanced Automation (a branch of the German IBG Group).

Both of the Sino-German investors have very rich experience in the field of robotic intelligent technology. Guangzhou Risong Intelligent Technology Holding Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise of China with widely recognized titles, such as the founding enterprise of the Chinese Robotic Association, vice president of the Chinese Robotic Industry Alliance, and one of Guangdong’s first batch of key robotic enterprises. German IBG Group, which was set up in 1921, it now has more than 70 subsidiaries worldwide. Being a well-known group, it engages in the fields of global welding technology, robotic automation, construction chemicals, and mechanical engineering, especially in the field of robotic welding technology, whic it takes up as the world’s largest professional manufacturer of robotic welding guns.

By combining advantages of both parties in market, technology and talents, Risong Weldstone is dedicated in providing customers at home and abroad with advanced manufacturing solutions for intelligent and digital welding, as well as for related fields.

In the field of high-end equipment manufacturing, Risong Weldstone’s fist products of robotic system, such as multi-axes positioner, robot rail, modular robotic cell, which have been widely sold in China and to the global market like European Union countries were widely used in industrial fields of high-speed rail, aerospace and aircraft, automobile, energy, shipbuilding, engineering machinery, etc.

As for the fields related to robotic intelligent welding and grinding processing, Risong Weldstone has mastered essential technology by successfully introducing experts who are listed in Chinese government’s Recruitment Program of Global Experts, set up a R&D team for subtractive manufacturing, and established an expert database system. Thus, Risong Weldstone is able to provide advanced robotic intelligent welding and sophisticated grinding solutions for related industries.

Under the background of Industry 4.0, Risong Weldstone provides solutions for digital factory, which can meet the diversified requirements of the work piece, robot, and craft, and help the customer improve the product quality and the efficiency in designing and manufacturing via offline programming, route planning, intelligent sensing, and advanced processing craft. The solutions are also able to change the production plan in a short time, which can realize mass customization, and thus create value for the customers and contribute to “Made in China 2025”.

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