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RISONG TECHNOLOGY won the title of national high-tech enterprise.
RISONG TECHNOLOGY and IBG Group industrial joint venture established Guangzhou Risong Weldstone Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
RISONG TECHNOLOGY and Cenit signed a strategic cooperation agreement.
One of the leaders of RISONG TECHNOLOGY initiated the establishment of "Guangdong robot innovation center".
RISONG TECHNOLOGY has become the first core supplier of Toyota's tnga platform in overseas factories.
2020 Guangzhou Risong Intelligent Technology Holding Co., Ltd. is listed, stock abbreviation: RISONG TECHNOLOGY, stock code: 688090.
  • On December 23

    Risong Technology offered help to "GAC New Energy Intelligent Ecological Factory" and successfully introduced a flexible and intelligent welding and assembly production line for steel-aluminum automotive bodies.

  • From December 8 to 9

    Risong Technology undertook 2018 International Conference on Robotic Welding, Intelligence and Automation (RWIA' 2018) and the 12th Chinese Conference on Robotic Welding (CCRW' 2018).

  • On December 7

    led by Risong Technology, the Fifth Electronic Research Institute of MIIT and SINOMACH Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd., 10 leading Chinese enterprises specialized in robotics, artificial intelligence and intelligent equipment manufacturing were brought together to officially establish the "Guangdong Robotics Innovation Center".

  • On November 2

    Chairman Sun Zhiqiang was awarded the title of "Guangzhou Innovation Hero" jointly by the Publicity Department of the CPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee, the Science, Technology & Innovation Commission of Guangzhou Municipality and Guangzhou Daily Group.

  • In August

    SAIF Partners made an investment in and became a shareholder of Risong Technology.

  • On July 3

    Risong Technology was granted two prizes of "Gold Finger Award" by CRIA.

  • In May

    Risong Technology was awarded the title of "Future Unicorns" Innovation Enterprise in Guangzhou.

  • In April

     "Guangzhou Risong Technology Intelligent Manufacturing Base" was listed as a provincial key construction project in 2018.

  • On March 27

    Risong Hokuto received 2017 "Quality Excellence Award" from GAC TOYOTA.

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