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Technical consulting

Robotics and Welding technology consulting

      Ruisong Technology Smart Technology Institute has established a Process Technology Institute, which is aimed at providing customers with complete welding solutions and one-stop services from equipment selection to successful application.

1. Welding Test

      ■ Resolve the user’s welding issues

      ■ Provide welding technology solutions through combination of the user’s products structure

      ■Perform test on welding with aluminum alloy, stainless steel, carbon steel, etc.

      ■ Confirm the feasibility of the robot system program

      ■ Discussion and popularization of welding technologies

2. Welding Technologies Consulting

      ■ Provide welding support services

      ■ Share the WINGS21 global welding technology system (Panasonic, Japan)

      ■ Own rich experience in welding applications

      ■ Combine the fully equipped FATC welding laboratory with the user’s site

3. Product Rationalization

      ■ Identity the product optimization under the user’s condition

      ■ Address to the user feedback, improve product performance and functionality

      ■ Response to the user requirements and develop products with characteristic culture

      ■ Realize the user’s dream and develop products that most suitable for site applications

4. Display and Demonstration

      ■ Display place for welding equipment and working method

      ■ Display and demonstrate the latest products and technologies of Panasonic

      ■ Experience the superior performance of Panasonic welding equipment

      ■ Release the latest welding method

      ■ Easy for user to choose appropriate welding products and methods

5. Training and Education

      ■ Make contributions to the development of Chinese welding

      ■ Training for operation and maintenance of robot

      ■ Training of welding skills

      ■ Repair skills training for welding equipments

Training and Education

Technical consulting


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