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Robot Training Service Platform

The Robotics Training Service Platform has been jointly established by the Intelligent Technology Institute of Risong Technology Co., Ltd., “CWS-RAC Welding Robotics Training Center” of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Harbin Welding Training Institute (WTI Harbin).

I.  Targeted Participants

The platform is intended for the engineers, technicians or R&D personnel of robot manufacturers, robotics system integrators, and robot users. Meanwhile, it can also serve students of colleges and universities, vocational schools, and institutes of technology in having professional training and certification. It is suitable for personnel from all levels of educational background, such as students of junior and senior middle schools, vocational school, junior colleges, undergraduate and postgraduate colleges.

II. Training Features 

     Curriculum design——Corresponding courses are established according to the requirements of all kinds of personnel for the types, uses, and production characteristics of robots.

     Teaching methods——Diversified teaching methods are used and many kinds of training methods such as lecturing, case discussion, and practical operation are used. 

     Teaching resources——The training relies on the laboratories jointly established with international brand robot manufacturers and robotics software and hardware facilities of university training centers.   

     Management service——We have a fixed teaching team consisting of high quality professional teachers and technicians of robot manufacturers who standardize the training process.

III. Brands and Kinds of Robots on Which the Training is Conducted

      Major brands: Panasonic, KUKA, FANUC, Yaskawa, ABB, OTC, and other brands designated by customers.  

      Main uses: Arc welding robot, spot welding robot, cutting robot, painting robot, and stacking and handing robot.

IV. Training Pattern

1. We provide regular training conducted by the “Intelligent Technology Institute of Guangzhou Risong Technology Co., Ltd.” and Shanghai “CWS-RAC Welding Robotics Training Center”.

2. As required by enterprises, we can provide customized training courses and teaching service to enterprises that have robotics training conditions. 

V. Course Offering

(1) Training content

(2) Service process

(3) Contact information

      Person to contact: Miss Pan

      Address: Risong Intelligent Technology Institute, No. 30, Dongzhong Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou 

      Post code: 517000 

      Tel: 020-82504198 

      Fax: 020-6680-6088

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