Talent strategy
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Talent strategy

The development of an enterprise cannot do without talents. The competition among enterprises is the competition of talents. Risong has adhered to the management aim of “making contributions to technical innovation and social progress” and the enterprise mission of “promoting the development of the intelligent technology industry”, looks on talents as the first resource and the primary productive force of the company, and is dedicated to becoming the leading enterprise of robotics and intelligent technology in China.


Technology leads Risong to develop. Technical development comes from devotions of talents. Therefore, talents are the most valuable asset of Risong. Risong is dedicated to establishing a talent team that has cohesive force, sense of responsibility, and creative spirit, agrees with Risong culture, and is full of combat effectiveness and vitality in order to promote talent and technical development and establish Risong’s talent and technical advantages in the intelligent technology field.

 Ideology of Talent

   ◆ Choosing People

During the recruitment and employment, Risong pays close attention to candidates’ moral quality, professional degree, sense of responsibility, development potential, and self-driving force.

We require that new employees can find and expose their deficiencies in practice and be good at summarizing based on theory after practice in order to urge them to improve their comprehensive abilities.

   ◆ Using People


Risong adheres to customer-oriented and appraising its staff according to their contribution. We advocate that the staff should both study hard and do practical work.


Risong choose those who recognize the values of the company and have made more outstanding contribution than others as its cadres. The basic duty of Risong’s cadres is to work initiatively and responsibly according to the goal of the company to make the company promising, the work effective, and the staff productive. The responsibility of Risong’s cadres is to face and solve problems together in a peaceful manner.

   ◆Educating People

We are committed to developing Risong into a learning organization and training our employees to be interdisciplinary talents that have both ability and political integrity and can respond in time to rapid market changes by means of post practice, work shift, self-study, and holding training courses and visits to enterprises of the same industry. 

Talent strategy

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