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Industrial Layout

With the enterprise mission to “promote the development of intelligent technology industry”, Risong Technology implements the industrial strategy of “One Institute & Three Divisions”. 

The “One Institute” is “intelligent technology research institute” that as a basic scientific platform. Guided by the R&D of robotics and intelligent technology and through R&D and introduction of high-grade, precise and advanced technology as well as R&D and promotion of intelligent manufacturing system, it is committed to the breakthroughs of leading intelligent manufacturing technology which takes data, information and cyber technology as the main development direction. 

“Three Divisions” is Robotic Automation Division, Robotic Welding Division and Automotive Equipment Division.

the Robotic Automation Division devotes itself to emerging industries including precise manufacturing of 3C products (computer, communication and consumer electronics).Centering on the development and application of intelligent robotic wielding technology and intelligent manufacturing system, the Robotic Welding Division extensively applies them to industrial fields of high-speed rail, nuclear power, aviation, shipbuilding, elevator, motorcycle and marine engineering. Guangzhou Risong Hokuto Automotive Equipment Co., Ltd. through synergetic development in Wuhan, Shanghai and Beijing, the “automobile sector” covers 3 kinds of automobile manufactures with independent brand from Japan and Korean, European and American, providing customers with high-performance flexible and intelligent equipment production lines for body-in-white welding.

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