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Guangzhou Risong Intelligent Technology Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Risong Technology) , a high-tech enterprise that covers R&D, designing, manufacturing, application and sales of robot, intelligent technology and high-end intelligent equipment, provides customers with overall flexible, automatic and intelligent system solutions. In 2020, Risong technology was successfully listed on Sci-Tech innovation board of Shanghai Stock Exchange.The stock abbreviation is: Risong technology, stock code: 688090.

Risong Technology has two subsidiaries: one is a Sino-Japanese joint venture named Guangzhou Risong Hokuto Automotive Equipment Co., Ltd and the other is a Sino-Germany joint venture named Guangzhou Risong Weldstone Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Focusing on the R&D of key technology and core business, Risong Technology provides business services in different industrial fields, which includes robotics, application software, key components, system integration, process program and industrial consultation etc.

Risong Technology adheres to the concept of technology leading the corporate development. It has a stable and excellent team of talents, more than one third of its existing employees are R&D technicians, and there are many foreign experts and technical and administrative talents returning from overseas. At the same time, Risong Technology has obtained a number of independent research and development core technological achievements and serves high-end manufacturing users at home and abroad, with customers covering a wide range of fields such as automobiles, motorcycles, high-speed railway, aerospace, shipbuilding, elevators, auto parts, 3C electronics, etc.

In the future, adhering to the corporate purpose of “contributing to technological innovation and social progress”, Risong Technology will strive to be a leading enterprise of robotic and intelligent technology in China!

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