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Chairman Speech

Chairman and CEO of Risong Technology

In the era full of “innovative people and interconnected things”, advanced manufacturing industry is pursuing technological change which takes intelligence, information, data and internet as the core to not only reduce people’s labor intensity, keep people away from operation danger, but also to enhance productivity and product quality. We believe that robot and intelligent technology can make people’s life better!

Established by my colleagues and me, Guangzhou Risong Technology is an outstanding representative of Chinese robotics, intelligent technology and high-end equipment manufacturing system. We attach equal importance to technology introduction and independent research, accelerate the process to transform technological achievements to products and services, and establish a business strategy of “1 platform, 2 fields”, providing different industrial fields with the best intelligent system products and services.

As one of the pioneers in Chinese intelligent equipment manufacturing industry, Risong Technology never ceases innovating. Each innovation is not only related to products, but also industrial technological progress; while each exploration is not only related to commerce, but also improvement in social productivity. Only continuous innovation and creativity can keep Risong Technology going in intelligent technology and high-end intelligent equipment and fulfilling its mission to “improve the industrial development of intelligent technology”.

Currently, the integration of new information technology and manufacturing industry is causing industrial renovation with great influence, forming new production mode, industrial pattern, business mode and economic growth point. The issue of “Chinese Manufacturing 2025” indicates China’s determination to promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing. Being so honored to be a part to promote the industrial renovation, Risong Technology will adhere to its corporate purpose of “contributing to technological innovation and social progress” and strive to be a leading enterprise of robot and intelligent technology in China!  

Chairman Speech

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